Here is a short list of what we do to or Kadron 40/44EIS Solex carb kits!

We start  by inspecting the contents of the new Kadron kits.
Make sure that no parts are missing so you want have to.
This may sound basic but we know what to look for.

Let us do the jetting.
We re-jet every Kadron carb kit for your motor combo.
This means that with some info about your combo we will pre-setup the kit for you.
What type of questions do we ask you?
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Each carb is complete disassembled and everything is checked to make
sure it was installed properly and tight.
"We should order these carbs unassembled just to save us time!"

We adjust the accelerator pumps to the correct amount of squirt.  
Now you don't have to worry about those flat spots. kadrons do not come adjusted
out of the box. "At All" They are sold to you from the other shops with out ever
looking in the box? What are you paying for?,
"We have never found A new kit to be adjusted correctly out of the box".

This order is going on a 1776cc type 1 motor  it is also getting a set of our CNC High
Flow venturis for more mid range and top end power. We are going to install the
correct size mains, idles and air  jets and over
20 other changes and modifications
before they leave our shop.

Check out all of the CNC venturis and other
Power Parts we offer to make your  
Kadrons "bark"

Next we will set up one of our CVD's some call them SVDA's. We call our distributor
Curved Vacuum Distributor" because not all distributors are curved and set up, most
are just sold out of the box with out changing the advance and other curve
characteristics. Yes they have catchy names like SVDA but don't be fulled.
We curve each and every vacuum distributor 100% in-house for each combo.
Did you know that 15% of all new vacuum distributors we test go back to Bosch?
If they don't pass our testing then you will not receive it from us.

Each  manifold is surfaced on the top and bottom.
We also check for holes and cracks. If we find something wrong or something that we
do not like, than that part is returned and a new part checked and
drooped in the box before we ship out.
After all the changes and machining is done, we clean all of the parts do a check-off
of the work and  re-box up the kit  with extra packing material for the long trip to your
door step. If you have ordered carb kits from us in the
past than you know that we do a lot more work to the kits than what we listed above.
Now we know you will receive a real 100% Kadron kit.

Options for your Kadron Carb order
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If a different shop can do the same work
for less money, they must be giving you
less work.

If a different shop, can do the same
amount of work faster, then they must
be cutting corners.