Options for your LowBugget Kadron carb kit.
All options include parts and labor for a pair of carbs.

Add LowBugget.com USA made Linkage. Add $59.99

Add one of our (CVD) Curved Vacuum Distributors for correct ignition
curve and superb throttle response. With points pre set.
Add $199.99

Please note you will need to have the carbs set up for a port vacuum signal
to use our
CVD distributors. This is a $40 labor option. Add $40

CVD Special
Order our CVD with real Comp-u-Fire electronic ignition installed and we
will install the vacuum port for free. This saves you $40.
Add $279.99

For you off road users Add our Over Flow Vent Kit to your carbs.
Add $7.50

Need more power? Add our Air Top Kit. Get some extra power and  much
cleaner way to mount your air cleaners.  
Add $13.00

Add a pair of off road needle and seats to your carb order.   Add $30.00

For the shorter USA made manifolds used on the Ghia's and some Manx
style buggy's that need the carb to sit lower .
Add $15.00

Add our shorter Cone filters to your carb kit. Used on Ghia's and Manx
style buggy's.
Add $15.00

Have us bush the throttle shafts. If you want the best carb kit we can give
you, then please Add this option.
Add $95.00

Add one of LowBugget's low psi fuel regulators to your Kadron carb kit.
This neat polished aluminum large diaphragm regulator is adjustable
from 0.25psi to 3.00psi.
Add $34.99

.Have us match- port 1x pair of manifolds to the larger 46mm or 48mm
throttle bodies.
Add $85.000
If a different shop can do the same work
for less money, they must be giving you
less work.

If a different shop, can do the same
amount of work faster, then they must
be cutting corners.