Did you know that here at LowBugget.com we work on more Kadron carbs in one month, than most shops
do in two years!

Kadron is the nick name. Part number is: 40/44 EIS Brand: Brosol/Solex

"Jet & Set" your carbs for your engine combo and use.
#101  $90. For a pair.  Re-jetting of the main, idle and air correction, set the needle and seat, float level,
           accelerator pump squirt, resurface your manifolds top and bottom and do some tricks that only
           Lowbugget carbs come with!
           If your going to send us your carbs please
click here, Print, fill out and ship with your carbs.


Rebuild 2 carbs. (includes "Jet & Set" of your carbs for your engine combo and use.)
#102  $220.For a pair of carbs.
       "Not just  new gaskets installed, some carb spray and call it a rebuild" No Way!!!!
           Our rebuilt Kadron carbs are the best set of kadrons you can buy.
           We start by completely surfacing and  re machining of all contact points on the two carbs.
           "If it needs it we do it"
           You have to get them super duper clean!
           So we got the best you can get. A
Pro-Sonic2000 ultra sonic deep cleaner. BAM!
           Resurfacing of the two manifolds top and bottom and pressure checked for holes.
           Media blasting of the carbs float, accelerator and throat galleys. Checking for holes and cracks.
           We only use the highest quality USA made gasket kits on all rebuilds. Yes they cost more but its all
           about the quality not quantity when it comes to our carb rebuilding.
           (2) replacement (one way check balls) are included.
           Includes labor #101 Jet and Set: 2x Main jets , 2x Idle jets and the 2x Air correction jets.
           Adjust and setup float level and accelerator pump squirt.
           If your going to send us your carbs please
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Match port to stock gasket or to  your port.
#103 from $
100.(please call)  (Only for Kadron style manifolds )
           ( must send matched gasket from your port or send your  heads and i will match them for you..)
           If you send your heads, I will include two intake gaskets matched for free. For more head info
click here

Tap and install vacuum port for our vacuum-advance distributors.
#105 $60.We are the only shop that install this in the correct location like the factory Kadrons came with for use
        with the correct curved and set vacuum advance distributors.
        We not only tested it on our dally drivers, but from the streets, to the track and on  long Dyno sections.
       . We recommend this on
all  Kadron carb kits.
         Superb throttle response over the 009 (not our opinion, a fact)
         More horsepower than 009 (not our opinion, a fact)
         More torque in the low end and mid range. (not a opinion, a fact)
         Your motor can run up to 20% cooler with the correct ignition curve and advance.
         The best part is more mpg. Thats $$$$$ back in your pocket!
         We believe 100% in our curved vacuum advance distributor and you will to.
          For info about our distributors
click here or call the shop@ 741-639-4284
          If your going to send us your carbs please
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Curve your distributor, call us first.
If your last shop did not ask you about your combo to set up the distributor then they did not curve it! They can't alter
the advance or pre-set up with out info from you! That means you got a distributor straight out of the box.
Not curved or set up for anything yet. "That Sucks"

•Throttle body's with Urethane/Vinyl and Bronze Sleeve Bushings.
#106 $60.00 each or $100.00 for the pair, No exchange. For new throttle body's with re-bush $205.                
          New kadrons come with a rolled steel bushing that is loose out of the box.
          Yes a steel bushing supporting a steel shaft, not the best long term idea!
          If you need to have them re bushed most places will use a standard low grade
          1/16" with (0.0625 inches wide) brass or copper bushing.  
          This small bushing tends to wear quite fast and is
not air tight.  
          We use a full 1/4" bushing (0.2500" inches wide) that almost 8x the size on just one throttle body.
           Made from Lubricated Bronze Sleeve Bearing. Also called Oilite. A Oilite bearing is a
           porous material and is impregnated with 25% oil. The oil helps eliminate wear.
          On the out side of that we also add a Urethane/Vinyl bushing that is there just to help
          keep it all air tight.  This allows for a tighter fit without the gap on the outside to let sand
          and dirt get to the shaft.  Longer lasting, tighter fitting and no more intake leaks to chase
          on your tune-ups! We are the only shop that offer this. No other shop comes close!
          Ask them what they use for bushings!

We no longer set up Kadrons for turbo use. We recommend using our TP carbs.
Click here for more info.

If you order a new set of carbs from us, we will recommend options to help your
combo drive better. We will not recommend cosmetic options, thats up to you!
If you can't decide between new or have your old carbs rebuilt then Think of this:

If we work on your old carbs and add every option we offer, your still under the
price of a base new kit with no options at all. Or we can offer a new kit.  But
most of the old carbs are a lot better than the new models.  

We curve all distributors in-house
Labor options for your

Guaranteed quality and service
that only Mr.Kadron can give you