$49.99 Chrome top air cleaner kit.
Kit comes with Kadron Washable gauze air cleaners with chrome tops, its own brackets
to mount the taller air cleaners. These are taller than the stock original paper air

$39.99 Cone Filter kit. Includes cone filters and Air Top kit. Gives more room in
engine area, Makes it easy to adjust carbs and change spark plugs.
$13.00 Air Top Kit from LowBugget. Changes stock Mount to Weber style.
Adds 1-3hp on most combos. Easy to install.
$12.95 Replacement washable Gauze Element only for 1998 and newer Kadron
carb kits. Fits our Kadron carb kits, Empi kits and our new air cleaner kits.
$10.00 Replacement chrome top only. Each
$8.00 Replacement bottom plate only. Each
$3.50 Air cleaner Bracket and Nut. Each Stock replacement  for empi air cleaners.
$5.00 pair for stock original cork air cleaner base gaskets.
$19.99 OuterWere pre filters for off road use. Each.
Do not fit cone filters.
Pick from, Red, Blue, Black, Yellow or Purple.

$39.99 Velocity Stacks polished Aluminum. Pair
$24.99 Pre Filter for Velocity Stacks. Black. Pair
$249.99 Off Road Race Filter kit. Complete 2 stage filtering, outer spun aluminum
cover. Washable Gauze element and a inner Foam Mesh filter. Air Top kit, clamps and
$349.99 Air Top Boxes for extreme off road custom air cleaner kits. Include hand
made tig welded aluminum carb tops with side mounted 3" barbed inlets and Air Top kit.
Can also be used for Kadron off road Blow-through turbo applications. Call for info.
$69.99  Empi Manifolds.(in pic)

$79.99 Type 4 Manifolds for late type 2/4 engines that want to run Kadrons.

Each kit comes Complete with:
2x aluminum manifolds and studs, head and carb base gaskets
crossover hose Barb hose Fittings.
We can match port the manifolds to your heads. Call for more info.
The USA Manifolds are 1 1/4" shorter and are a cleaner casting. If you are going to
use our 44, 46 or 48mm carb kit than you should order these do to how thick they are
at the top. Empi style manifolds will required extra welding.
Parts just for Kadrons!
40/44 EIS Solex, Brosol 40, 44, 46 and 48mm carbs
Need hard to find Kadron Parts or have a tech question?  Over 20 years experience with the same carb!
$69.99 The Original LowBugget Linkage
Low Bugget's linkage of choice for the Kadrons. We use this kit on the Low Bugget
race car and all of our daily drivers (that have Kadrons!).  You cant beat the price.
Order the linkage from LowBugget and we  will make the necessary changes so  it will
work out of the box for you. We also add the two return springs for free. That way  this
kit will work on your Kadrons now!
$59.99 Stock Empi linkage for kadrons. Ends snap on to carb linkage arms.
$29.99 Heim Joint Conversion kit for stock kadron and Empi linkage. Want to solve
that old problem of the linkage all wise popping off? This will do it, convert all 4 points
to now Heim Joint bolt on! Best new part for Kadrons!
$24.99 Kadron Gasket kits. Each. Our kits are made in the USA, not the China crap
like the others will offer you!!!
The best gasket kit for the Kadron carbs. We know as we have tried  them all!
Solex/Brosol H40/44EIS Gaskets. Yes the Kadrons!
You will need 2x gasket kits for a complete set of kadrons.
Each of Our USA made gasket kits come with one replacement check ball.  
( Tip )  Just adding new gaskets to your carbs will not change whats wrong.
If your motor has a broken crank would you just replace the gaskets? No, you have not
fixed the problem! We have no problem offering these kits to you but the problem
may be more than a new gasket and some carb spray!!!!

$17.99 Needle and Seat assembly 1.50mm (stock). Each.
$18.99 Needle and Seat assembly 1.75mm. Each. Mid size engines.
$19.99 Needle and Seat assembly 2.0mm. Each. Large engines.

$19.99 New Stock SOLEX Replacement Float. Each
$10.00 Float Pin. Each.
$8.00 Float Clip. Each. Dog Bone!

$34.99 Choke Element, SOLEX 12-volt, for 40, 44 and 46mm kits with choke. Each.

$34.99 28mm Venturis. Pair These are stock size, stock replacement. SOLEX
$36.99 30mm Venturis. Pair These are stock style larger replacement. SOLEX
$39.99 32mm Venturis. Pair These are stock style larger replacement. SOLEX
$49.99 30mm CNC High Flow Venturis. Pair. Used on 44 and 46mm kits.
$49.99 32mm CNC High Flow Venturis. Pair Used on 44 and 46mm kits.
$49.99 34mm CNC High Flow Venturis. Pair Used on 44 and 46mm kits.

$5.00 Carb Base Gaskets. Pair. Thick fiber paper.
$4.00 Manifold to Head base gasket. Pair. Thick fiber paper.

$54.99 Carb Base Assembly. New. Each ( throttle body )Comes with new gaskets.
We take each one, resurface and recenter the butterfly as needed.
These throttle bodies are not bushed.
If you want them bushed please inform your sales rep.

$6.00 Throttle Body spacer plate gaskets. Pair.
$18.00 Throttle Body plastic spacer. Each.
$8.00 Mixture adjustment screw short without spring, SOLEX. Each
$10.00 Mixture adjustment screw short with spring. SOLEX Each.
$29.99 Fuel discharge tube (squirt tube) stock correct replacement.
$18.99 Accelerate pump linkage arm and spring. (connects throttle body to
accelerate arm.)
$8.99 Accelerate pump diaphragm spring.

$39.99 Kadron low psi fuel regulator.
Adjustable from .25psi to 3psi. Kadrons want
from 1.5 to 2.25psi max and standard Holley 1-4, Mr.Gasket dial style regulators will
not work. Thats why we do not offer them to our Kadron customers at all. We have
used this same brand for 15 years and no problems at all. NONE!

$8.99 Fuel "T" fitting., brass Has 3x 1/4" barb ends.
$6.49 AN -4 to Kadron fitting. Blue. Each
$6.49 AN -4 to Kadron fitting. Black. Each
$6.99 AN -6 to Kadron fitting. Blue. Each
$6.99 AN -6 to Kadron fitting. Black each
$99.99 AN -6 complete fuel line kit Blue with stainless steel line. (from our
regulator to the carbs)
$99.99 AN -6 complete fuel line kit Black with stainless steel line. (from our
regulator to the carbs)

$29.99 USA made 0-15psi fuel gauge black, liquid filled.
$29.99 USA made 0-15psi fuel gauge white, liquid filled.

$69.99 Banjo Fuel Line Kit.
Change your old stock push on hose to Stainless Steel
line with banjo fittings for that clean show car look! Includes 2x banjo ends, 3x
Stainless Steel lines with Teflon. 1x center "Y" connector
$289.99 Replacement 40mm whole complete carb assembly. New. Each.
Includes re-jet and setup for your motor combo. (carb only)
Add $40.00 Tapped and set up for use with our CVD vacuum distributor.
LowBugget Main and Idle Jets.
Hand made in house to the correct size your combo needs. Not some stock jet drilled
out, We manufacture our own Idle and main jets. You will notice that they do not look
like all the other shops  jets. We are the only supplier to offer and manufacture a
replacement idle and main jet for the Kadron carburetor brand. For years we have
helped our customers with the correct size idle and main jets to perfectly match there
driving style, combo and need.
Ask anyone! We nail it when it comes to your jetting!
$12.00 sized LowBugget Idle jet. Each.
$12.00 Sized LowBugget Main jet. Each.
Need to order 2x Idle jets, 2x Main jets for a pair of kadrons.
$2.00 Check Ball. Each (TIP) The check ball is under the brass squirt tube.
LowBugget Curved Vacuum Distributors or CVD.
Kadrons are plenum base carbs, and for all plenum base carb setups you will need
more initial advance. This is not our opinion, its a fact. Correct amount of timing will
help eliminate the flat spots off idle. It will also help make your motor more snappy and
responsive. We recommend our CVD on all Kadron carb kits new or used. Superb
throttle response over the SVDA's, mechanical 009, 010, 050 and stock vacuum
distributors. More power at lower RPM's without any loss at higher RPM's. More MPG,
will increase (up to 5%)  Only our distributor will allow you to run more compression
and/or cheaper / lower octane gas. Yes, i know it all sounds to good ! But you will feel
the same after trying our distributor. We are the only shop that can say all this and
back it up! Our in-house curved distributors will not work with other shops
attempts to
tap and set up your carb for the correct vacuum port.
If you are going to order a distributor from a different shop, ask them what machine
they use to curved and set up your distributor with. We use a SUN© Distributor Tester
to set-up each one of our Vacuum Distributors for Kadrons (40/44 EIS carbs).
Not one Vacuum distributor has ever left our shop with out first testing and changing
the curve based off the info we gather from our customers.

Each distributor is 100% NEW and Includes:
1x Custom curved Distributor by us in-house to work best with your combo. Each one
comes with NEW cap, rotor, preset points and condenser.
We also give you a  new distributor shaft "O"ring, 1 foot of German vacuum hose and
detailed instructions on how to remove your old distributor, install the new CVD and
how to set it correctly.
$199.99 CVD with points installed.
$279.99 CVD with Comp-U-Fire Electronic Ignition installed
Now you will never adjust points again!
Need hard to find Kadron Parts or have a tech question?
Over 20 years experience with the same carb!
Cone Filter
Sorry no pick!
velocity stacks
Main jets.
Idle jets.
CVD with
comp u fire
CVD with points