All NEW 2-Barrel VW Kits!!
VW Fuel Injection Kits Perfect for 1600, 1641, 1700, 1776, 1835, 1915, 1904, 2007 all
the way up to 3000cc combos
Preprogrammed Fuel Injection system for your VW air cooled.
Want fuel injection but don't want to break the bank? For a little more than new set
of Weber's you can have complete fuel injection!!

Check out these features:
Preprogrammed to start and run out of the box with our VW program.
How you ask?  We have over 300 different motor programs to pick from and find
the perfect match for
your combo!
Our fuel injection system thinks you just turned your key off then back on. The
FitechVW system does not know it is in a new home!
It thinks its always been in
your car!!

IAC (Idle Air Control) stepper motor is making changes 10 times per second to give
you a smooth, steady idle!

How about "No Gas Peddle Starts"? Yes just turn the key and vroom!!

Awesome MPG thanks to constantly changing AFR. Your gas millage will benefit
from the perfect fuel mixture all the time. Go up to highest mountain to lowest
valley and your new injection system will make the necessary changes giving you
the best air fuel ratio always!

Built-in gauges you can view and monitor while driving. Check out your AFR, Oil
Temp, Tach RPM, Volts, Vacuum and even watch how much throttle your giving it
with TPS sensor display!!!

Read any fault codes that pop up! If a sensor is going out the hand held has a
section to read called "Fault codes" This tells you immediately if any of the sensor
are bad or having a problem.

Simple 4x wire hook up! Yes only 4x wires and your driving!!
1x B+power, 1x fuel pump power, 1x coil - and 1x key on B+. Thats it!!

50hp-250hp NA use or we have kits set up for turbo 350hp use.
tall air cleaner installed.
Type 1 Air cooled Injection kit.
Bug 1949-1979   Bus 1950-1972  
Ghia 1955-1974  Thing (All Years)
up to 2498cc
Fuel Injection system
Programing and unlimited tech help!
Extended cables up to 18 feet for Bus.
Easy to install fuel pump kit for your air cooled VW.
Intake manifold with/without heat risers.

(end castings are not included)

All gaskets, hardware, fittings,cables and mounts
to make it a same day install and drive!

Type 1 kit with Crank Trigger Ignition.
Give your injection extremely accurate
timing control.
Includes the Type 1 Injection kit, A non sand seal
pulley with sensor magnets installed. Pick A pulley
color from: Black, Red, or Blue.
Also includes MSD sensor.
Sensor bracket and hardware.  

Type 1 kit for turbo use up to 350hp gas.
(call for info)
Same with Crank Trigger Kit.
Late Bus 1972-1979
Porsche 914
1700cc, 1800cc, 2L and up!
Great for high torque combos.

Fuel Injection system
Programing and unlimited tech help!
Extended cables for Bus. (not shown)
Easy to install fuel pump kit. (not shown)
Intake manifold.
All gaskets, hardware,
fittings,cables and mounts to make it a same day
install and drive!

Add MSD Pro-Billet distributor to your type 2 kit.
This will give your new fuel injection a very precise locked-out signal
Add $449.99

Options on any of our injection kits.

Kit 1A MSD
You can add this kit to any of our fuel injection systems with crank trigger or as a replacement
when crank trigger can not be used (example 911 shroud, Serpentine pulley kits, or type 4).
1x Locked out MSD Pro-Billet distributor with clamp (type 4 use your stock clamp)
1x MSD Blaster high-output 45,000 volts Coil
1x set of MSD 8.5mm plug wires
(any color you want as long as its red!)
4x NGK resistor spark plugs
This kit has been proven to work best with our fuel injection and will give low resistance, high
voltage, and has show to be the best at transferring A strong spark for your VW.
Add $659.99 to any of the kits!

Kit 2A
Off Road and or Boosted use.
Recommended for high pressure turbo applications
or extreme off road use.
Tig Weld  1 5/8" tubes over intake manifold ends
Tig Weld 1 5/8" aluminum ends onto stock style VW end casting manifolds.
2x 1 5/8"x 3" silicone 7 layer boots
4x USA Made Stainless Clamp-Co T-Clamps
Add $No Longer available

Boosted Top-Hat with 2" inlet $169.99

Stock VW style aluminum End Castings.
They connect the center intake manifold to the heads.

Dual Port
Single Port

Port Injection on your kit?
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Have questions about fuel injection?
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and get you back to enjoying your car again!
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