This is our Crank Trigger ignition. The Crank Trigger
is your signal giver. It will give an extremely accurate
signal to the fuel injection system allowing
to decide if it should advance or retard the
ignition timing as necessary. You will still use a
distributor to distribute the spark to your plug wires/
spark plugs. Because the timing signal is now moved
to the
pulley/Crank Trigger your distributor
can be locked-out (remove ability to advance).

We only use real MSD sensors made here in USA. We
also only
USA made Scat pulleys and all our mounting
hardware parts are also made in USA.
So top qualty
and durability is standard.

The crank trigger plugs directly into the fuel injection
harness with a (can't screw it up plug) yes you can't
plug it in the wrong way!
Still confused?

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