VW "Pro Billet" Distributors and Parts

Pro Billet Distributors.
"Pro Billet" Distributor will work with MSD, Mallory and most ignition boxes.
Will also work with our
FitechVW.com Fuel Injection systems when locked out.

"Pro Billet" VW distributor features the following:
A billet of 6061 - T6 aluminium CNC is machined into a perfect housing for incredible
strength and quality. Shaft has a large sealed ball bearing giving you many years
of use. Bearing brass sintered bushing. 1/2" inch hardened steel shaft.
Extremely accurate magnetic pickup which never requires adjustment.
"No more points to adjust"!!!  Billet distributor clamp is included.
Air tight wire loom with plug. Stock style distributor "O" ring seal is also included.
Available Locked-out for use                                                                                      
with turbo, drag-race combos                                                                                       
and/or fuel injection systems.                                                                                       
$189.99 each.                                                                                            
You pick Red Cap                                                                                                 

Gray Cap                                                                                             

              Black cap!                                                                                                            

Extra "Pro Billet" Rotors $15                                                                                


Extra "Pro Billet" caps
Red $24.99                      Gray $29.99                      Black $29.99

Pro-Billet Replacement Ignition pick-up $29.99                                                         

                                                             Extra Cable Assembly for your "Pro Billet"  
                                                           distributor 2-wire 6 feet long.

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