The Kadron dual carb kit for the type 1 or type 4 combos.
The Kadron carb kit has been proven for over 30 years to be the
most reliable and cost effective way to add power to your dual port
1600cc and larger motor. We build complete preset carb kits.
Each kit includes: Big 40mm genuine Brosol-Solex carbs, Empi aluminum
manifolds, washable gauze air cleaner assemblies with chrome tops, Empi
linkage and all the hardware with instructions for an easy installation.
Each kit also includes:
Re-jetting of the main, idle and air correction for your motor size.
Needle and seat, float level, amount of accelerator pump squirt. Etc
The manifolds are resurfaced top and bottom.
The whole kit is checked to make sure that it is complete and
ready for you to install. For more info
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Stock Kadron Parts
• Manifolds.
•Washable gauze air filter elements.
• LowBugget linkage.
•Rebuild/Gasket kits.
•Idle and main jets.
•Stock floats
Labor options for your Kadrons.
.  Jet and set up your carbs for your combo.
.  Complete rebuild and or re bush.
Weld manifold surface and match to stock gasket or your ported heads.
Tap for vacuum advance distributors,
There are many options available.
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Kadron Power Parts
•Stock 28mm to  performance 34mm venturis.
•46 and 48mm IDK throttle bodies. (exclusive to
•Custom Air Top kits that add up to 7hp.
•Off road float bowl overfill vent kits (stop the slosh).
•Over sized main and idle jets.
•Urethane bushed throttle bodies.
All the power tricks to make the real fun
come out of your Dual Kadron kit!
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The LowBugget Drag bug ran
best of 11.33 at 118mph all with
Power Parts.
Like to go for a ride in the car?
MR Kadron Your Kadron Carb Expert!
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