Simple and easy to install Electronic Fuel Injection
for your air cooled VW!!!

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The all new fuel injection Kit is now available at LowBugget. Yes we have designed and
programed a safe and responsive system that will feed 100% of a true daily driver, yet support all
the power you will need. How about up to 600hp but drive smooth! Best of both worlds!!
This system is for the VW enthusiast that demands more power from there driver yet might be
upgrading there HP in the future! Will work on small 1835cc 120hp drivers all the way up to
2900cc 600hp beast!!

How about the best throttle response you can get! How about over 30 lbs of boost use if needed?
We have programed it to drive like a stock 1600cc VW but perfectly handle the needs of up to
600hp. Street, Strip, Off Road, Sand, Water it doesn't mater we have a system for you!!

Would you like to add some Nitrous? Well thats also not a problem. You can make changes to:
A/F, Ignition, Idle speed etc on the fly!

Most of our programed kits can be installed in a few hours without a big wiring mess. There are
only two sensors to mount, 1x AFR o2 sensor and 1x Oil temp. Thats it, unlike the other systems
offered, this one has all the sensors mounted to throttle body so no extra work, even the
computer is mounted clean on the unit!

LowBugget takes each unit and pre-programs them with the smoothest off idle, fastest throttle
response and flat out best tune for making huge power safely !
We have logged over a 2,000 hours of tuning, countless hours of chassis dyno tuning, and over
5,000 miles of driving, drag racing and just beating on our injection units. All this to help us
perfect our air-cooled vw Programs.
Now we offer them to our ever growing VW family.

We just drove our test car A 1966 VW FastBack from So-Cal to Washington and back!!
We had NO problems at all, got 24.98MPG, had a blast and this was from a 2442cc beast that
made 309hp to the wheels! One more thing, we were pulling a trailer!
all on our complete
Master VW Injection Kit!!

Some of the key features:

Ready to start, run and drive out of
the box for
your specific VW combo!

Boost ready ECU 2.5 bar MAP sensor.

On and off boost specific target AFR's.
Even a cruising AFR target setting.

Boost and NOS timing retard control.

Adjustable External oil cooler fan, on/off
thermostat control.

4 injectors capable of supporting up to 600HP.

LowBugget has made the initial setup quick and easy.
We Pre-set each unit based on your combo's needs.

Simple to use touch screen controller that gives you outstanding tuning ability in the palm of
your hand!

Self-Tuning, Yes after we install and program each unit the ECU will fine-tune and make
adjustments to provide your VW with an optimum tune!

Basic install can be done with just 4 wires and 2 sensors.
1x Oil Temp sensor and 1x AFR O2. Thats it! All other sensors are mounted nice and clean on the

Uses the latest Bosch 4.2 wide band O2 sensor while
all other sensors are easily replaceable GM style parts!

The ECU is mounted on the throttle body so there is NO
external boxes or harnesses to clutter up your VW engine compartment. This saves you a Huge
amount of time and keeps things simple and neat. No ugly box to mount in the car separately
then fat wire harness to deal with!

The unit has a completely universal base to fit any 4-bbl
manifold. If you do not have one check out the
Master VW Kit.

"Voltage Control". This feature reduces the voltage to the pump  under low load conditions such
as idle and cruise, reducing noise and heat at the pump. This will extend the life of your pump
and keep the fuel in the tank cooler.

The system feature's a "Wet Flow" technology and has a
unique "Swirl Spray Annular Discharge" design that assures COMPLETE ATOMIZATION!!  

Ignition timing can be controlled and adjusted on the fly
from your touch screen controller.
You do not have to have a laptop!

Air Fuel Ratios can be optimized on the fly as you drive!
Try that with your Side Draft Weber or Holley Carb!

Will work with MSD, Mallory, Accel style ignition boxes.
Not required to control timing as that is built in.

Built in Fuel pressure regulator. No extra regulator to
mount on your firewall, it's all on the unit!

Manufactured with OE engineering. So has the look and
build quality of a OE factory part!

The basic info.
Die Cast Throttle body
Hand held Controller Included.
Windshield Hand Held Mount Included
(4) Hi- Flow 600 HP injectors (400hp non turbo use)
Built-in fuel pressure regulator
2.5 BAR MAP Sensor (on turbo version)
Throttle Position Sensor
100% Ignition and fuel control
Idle Air Control
Coolant Temp Sensor
Wide band O2 Sensor
O2 Bung weld-in Kit
-06 AN Fuel Inlet Fitting
Gasket Kit

Now these extra items and labor are
included in our kits and only our

1. We program each unit specifically for your VW combo to start and run out of the box.
Our programs are built off of real tested and tuned air cooled VW combos.
We have tested these combos on the street, drag strip, off road. We also continue to test
on our "in-house" flywheel dyno and many late nights on chassis dyno!

2. We modify the 4x barrel throttle body to make it more snappy and have quicker throttle

3. We take the non-used vacuum ports and block them off for higher boost use.
Our VW's do not need all those ports and we definitely don't need any vacuum caps
popping off !!!

4. Our custom VW Gas Tank Fitting converts your stock VW gas tank outlet to AN -6.
Includes new screen and filter!

5. Performance Fuel pump and complete VW install kit for up to 600hp use!!!

6. 3/8" aluminium feed and return line included.(not on Bus kits)

7. All clamps, fittings to complete your install of fuel system.

8. Chrome air cleaner top and a HD stud W/wing nut.

9.This is the best part... UNLIMITED Tech Support from us, a shop that sells them,
installs them
and also runs the same units in our own street cars, race cars and shop parts runner

10. Modified controller and power cables up to 18' feet for Bus installs a snap!

11. Extended Temp Sensor cable for use in our air cooled engines to give you options for
install location.
You can use the Type 3 dip-stick block-off port or a oil filter line tee
or if you like in the sump!! We will supply you with all the correct fittings and make the
changes in the program to match and do it right the first time.

12. Throttle linkage arm adapter to bolt-up to your standard long accelerator cables!

13.We give you a weld in o2 bung for you to install in your exhaust!

14.Washable air cleaner, not a big item but all the other shops charge you extra for this!!

15. After completing your installation all you need to do is drive!! You can drive your car
right away with our per-installed tune. This makes the built in Auto-Tune feature not work
so hard and get you out enjoying fast!

All of our systems are preset to start, and run out of the box!
Plug it in and drive on same day!!

Have questions about this unit
or if fuel injection is good for your combo?
Give us a call at the stop, We can answer all your
questions and get you back to enjoying your car again!
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